Aerial Mapping & GIS Survey

Our Advanced Professional Grade Survey Drone models namely ABHAY_4R2 & AARAV_ENX6M series of drones excel in aerial surveying and GIS mapping, offering unparalleled accuracy and detail in capturing topographical data for various applications. From urban planning & environmental monitoring to agricultural management, our VTOL drones' extended flight times ranging from 120-150 minutes allow for comprehensive data collection over large areas, providing valuable insights for decision-making & project planning.

Infrastructure Inspection and Maintenance

Our professional grade hybrid drones carry out the inspection and maintenance of critical infrastructure, including powerlines, bridges, pipelines, and solar plants. Our VTOL drones, with their endurance range of 120-150-minute flight, provide a safe and efficient means to perform detailed inspections over large areas. They enable early detection of potential issues, reducing downtime and ensuring the reliability and longevity of essential infrastructure.

Environmental and Resource Management

Our advance Hybrid Drones cater to the need for accurate environmental monitoring and resource management. Our drones offer unparalleled detail in capturing data for urban planning, environmental conservation, agricultural management, and water resource management. Their extended flight times facilitate comprehensive coverage, providing valuable insights for sustainable development and conservation efforts.

Disaster Management & Emergency Response

Our Hybrid drones play a critical role in disaster management and emergency response, offering rapid deployment capabilities for real-time monitoring and assessment of affected areas. This immediate aerial support is crucial for guiding rescue and relief operations, assessing damage, and facilitating recovery efforts, showcasing the drones' capabilities in saving lives and mitigating disaster impacts.

Mining and Geological Survey

In Mine Survey and Mapping, our drones provide essential data for mine planning, safety inspections, and resource management. The ability to cover vast mining operations efficiently and safely makes our technology an invaluable tool for enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring worker safety, and optimizing resource extraction.

Asset and Facility Monitoring

Our hybrid drone ranges specialise in the inspection and monitoring of various assets and facilities, including but not limited to telecommunications infrastructure, wind farms, and manufacturing plants. Our VTOL drones ensure the integrity and operational reliability of these assets through regular, detailed inspections, thereby supporting compliance with safety standards and preventive maintenance protocols.