Introducing VTOL LINK, our Ground Control Software designed to revolutionize our Made in India Drone operations. Developed in-house with meticulous attention to detail, VTOL LINK offers unparalleled mapping, surveillance, and customization capabilities. Proudly made in India, it embodies the spirit of innovation and reliability, setting a new standard in Advance Hybrid Drone system management.

Streamlined Drone Flight Information Display

  • Mission Planning: Effortlessly plot drone flight paths with our intuitive Ground Control Station software, simplifying route planning for surveillance and mapping missions.
  • Automated sensor verification, Motor test ensuring optimal performance and reliability during operations.
  • Visualized drone status and onboard flight data provide pilots with rapid access to crucial information, necessary for swift decision-making, especially during emergencies.


  • Secure Access: Ensures access control, enhancing system security and protecting sensitive data.
  • Tamper Resistance: Safeguards against unauthorized modifications, ensuring system integrity and reliability.
  • Easy to understand UI (User Interface): Intuitive interface design facilitates user interaction and enhances usability.
  • User Friendly GCS: Simplifies ground control station operations, enabling efficient drone management.
  • Simplified Mission Planning: Streamlines mission planning process by minimizing input requirements to KML format only.
  • Geotagging Capability: Automatically adds geographical metadata to data, aiding in analysis and mapping applications.
  • User Access Control: Enables granular control over user access and permissions, enhancing system security and administration.
  • Log viewer: Enables visualization of UAV logs for seamless troubleshooting and in-depth analysis.
  • Audible Notifications: Enhances user experience with audible notifications and alerts for critical events.
  • Offline Map Profile: Enables drone operations in areas with limited or no internet connectivity, ensuring mission continuity.
  • Custom Map: Allows integration of personalized maps, catering to specific mission requirements and preferences.