(Electronic Speed Controller)

Introducing the SHAKTI_VT40A ESC, a high-performance BLDC motor controller ideal for drones and UAVs. With support for 4S to 6S batteries and a continuous current capacity of 40A, it ensures relentless power delivery. Boasting multiple protections against over-current, over-voltage, and thermal issues, it guarantees safety and reliability. Plus, its integration with DroneCAN enables advanced control and customization for unparalleled flight experiences.


  • It can support multiple motor protocols like Servo PWM, Dshot 300, Dshot 600 and Bi-directional Dshot.
  • It is capable of logging system parameters like Voltage, Current and Temperature for a maximum duration of two hours.
  • It utilizes the DroneCAN communication protocol to establish communication with ArduPilot.
  • It has secure bootloader developed internally to securely manage software loading on a device, enhancing tamper-proofing by preventing unauthorized modifications.
  • It has various protective functionalities, encompassing safeguards like low-voltage cut-off, over-heat prevention, and throttle signal loss protection.
  • It has exceptional performance characterized by excellent linearity and significantly enhanced throttle response speed.
  • Sinusoidal start up mode to achieve smoother and less abrupt starting, minimizing mechanical stress and torque spikes.
  • It is also equipped with RPM feedback functionality.
  • ESC can provide Total running hours and it can be used to estimate the cumulative operational time of the motor, aiding in maintenance scheduling and optimizing its lifespan.


Support Voltage

16.8V - 25.2V

Continuous Current


Peak Current


Motor Protocol

PWM, Dshot 600, Dshot 1200

Telemetry protocol


CAN data transmission speed



Not Available


61mm × 32.5mm × 16.4mm