Designed especially for Indian Defence, ABHAY_12R250D is a High-altitude multi-rotor, fully autonomouscargo delivery UAV. It can carry out delivery operations at altitudes as high as 5.5 Km AMSL and can work efficiently in the extreme temperature ranging from -20°C to 50°C with 95% RH. Since it is a VTOL aircraft, it can perform vertical takeoff and landing within an area of 15x15m.lt can cruise with velocities up-to 72Km/hr. Due to its redundant multi-rotor design it can safely land with maximum of three rotor failures. Designed to withstand a wind gust of 20 knots, the system shows unprecedented structural strength and stability in gusty environment. Built-in redundancies enable safe functioning of the system in harsh environment. Realtime health monitoring system of all the critical subsystems provide mission critical data and enables automatic and manual countermeasures in case of any subsystem malfunction. Onboard battery insulation system, health monitoring BMS enables healthy operation of the system at temperatures as low as -20°C. Rapid battery replacement mechanism enables consecutive delivery missions.



  • Indian-IDDM (Indigenously Designed, Developed and Manufactured)
  • Rugged, durable and robust airframe made of Aerospace grade Aluminum and composite materials.
  • Maximum payload of 50-60kgs within a size of 130x45x40 cm.
  • VTOL Within an Area of 15x15m.
  • 360-degree collision avoidance system. An active collision avoidance system provides additional safety during operation in terrain, man-made structures and moving objects.
  • 360 Degree GPS Anti-Jamming system prevents jamming/crippling of onboard Navigation system. The system also provides analytics in the form of Jam Location, Attack Power etc. This system may lead to marginal compromise in the endurance but added safety. (Optional)
  • Fully Autonomous Including Take-Off and Landing with altitude hold.
  • Automated Path Planning with waypoint navigation and can hover at defined waypoint.
  • Long Range Communication >20 km.
  • Fail-Safe Capabilities in Case of Communication Loss, Low battery etc.
  • Cargo delivery range of up to 15 kms.
  • All Electric Propulsion System with 12 swappable batteries for quick re-flight.
  • The thruster arms can be folded to reduce footprint for storage and logistics.
  • Robust autopilot with built-in redundancies.
  • Redundant navigation system with multiple onboard GPS sensors.
  • Day/ night operational capability.


    • Aircraft Length: 3.3m.
    • Aircraft Width: 3m.
    • Aircraft Height: 1.2m.
    • Design AUW: Up to 250Kg.
    • Powerplant: All Electric.
    • No. of rotors: 12.
    • Takeoff altitude: 0 to 5000m AMSL.
    • Cruise altitude: >500m AGL.
    • Endurance (5.5 Km AMSL): >30minutes.
    • Operational Range: 15Km.
    • Payload capacity: 50Kg.


  • Cruise Speed (MSL): 20m/s.
  • Maximum Speed: 25m/s.
  • Radius of operation: 15Km.
  • Wind resistance: Up to 20 Knots.


  • Robust airframe.
  • Interchangeability enables easy part replacement and maintenance.
  • Transportable in Single box.
  • Completely Deployable within an hour.
  • Foldable arms reduce transportation and storage footprint.