VTOL Aviation India Pvt. Ltd.

Under Industry-Academia Collaboration With

Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur)



We would like to take the privilege to introduce our Company 'VTOL AVIATION INDIA PVT. LTD'. It's a company formed to promote advanced technology products under the 'Make In India' initiative. We are deeply committed to make a breakthrough in the 'Indian Aviation Sector' through multifaceted technology driven products and solutions. The technologies conceptualized by 'VTOL AVIATION INDIA PVT. LTD'. are being developed under 'Industry-Academia Collaboration' with India's premier Institute 'Indian Institute Of Technology - Kanpur', which is well recognized all over the world for its remarkable legacy and huge contribution to all the prominent developing sectors in India. IIT-Kanpur is proudly celebrating over 60 years of academic excellence driven legacy.

VTOL AVIATION INDIA PVT. LTD. is proudly associated with EFC GROUP OF COMPANIES. EFC Group had been making remarkable presence in the Shipping and Logistics Industry in India over 3 decades now and has crossed turnovers of over 400 crores. For our dedicated endeavours in the Aviation Industry in India and all over the World, ‘VTOL AVIATION INDIA’ had been incorporated.

Our Vision

“We believe passionately in the power of creative ideas to change the way of Urban Aerial Mobility, ultimately, changing the world”. We are aiming to capitalize the potential under 'Make in India' initiative and unique and technologically advanced products with zero emission. We aim to contribute to the Nation’s Self Reliance Vision by developing advanced technologies indigenously in India. Our vision revolves around transforming flight for Defence, Paramilitary, Civil Aviation, Paramedics, Emergency Services, Surveillance, Aviation Training, Tourism and Business Chartering sectors. This is ultimately bringing a family of vertical take-off airplanes both manned and un-manned to Indian Aerospace with highest safety-oriented features which is completely autonomous.

Our Mission

Our company's mission is to encourage the youth of this Nation to make advanced breakthroughs in the field of Urban Aerial Mobility. This mission is what drives the company to create the most advanced Vertical Take Off and Landing Air Taxi of the 21st century by driving the world's transition towards electric mobility. Also, the company's commitment to safety innovation by challenging itself to create the completely autonomous vehicle with failsafe technology with multiple redundancies. 'VTOL AVIATION INDIA' is based on a platform of multiple genre problem solving to meet the evolving needs of the Defence, Paramilitary, Civil Aviation, Paramedics, Emergency Services, Surveillance, Aviation Training, Tourism and Modern Travellers, and anyone who aspires to explore the world through the skies and promises to change flight and personal freedom and mobility by air travel forever.



'VTOL AVIATION INDIA PVT. LTD'. has been founded by 'Mr. Kalyan Chowdhury' who has been a pioneer in the Shipping and Logistics Industry for over 28 years now. He started this venture with the ideology driven around the vision to make a breakthrough in the conventional aviation sector and give India its first 100 % ‘Make In India’ technology. These new technologies developed would be multifaceted technologies, encompassing all the advancements in the aerospace engineering and technology fields pertaining to aviation sector. The aim is to incorporate advanced features to ensure highest benchmark in aviation safety in all of our products and technologies leading to the development of our unique products under ‘VTOL Aviation India’.

Indian Aviation sector has long sought to perfect advanced flight the field of Urban Aerial Mobility. None explored so far, for past several years we have been involved in extensive Scientific Research activities to develop Indigenous Technologies in India. 'VTOL Aviation India' will be able to leverage modern advances in technology (Engines, Materials, Avionics, and Design Systems) to launch advanced UAV's, and Air Taxi's under the banner of 'VTOL Aviation India' successfully in India, abroad and widely accessible to all across the Globe. Our aim is to reshape the future of flight with the ultimate breakthrough in Aviation Sector. Our products will cater to sectors such as Defence, Paramilitary, Civil Aviation, Paramedics, Emergency Services, Surveillance, Aviation Training, Tourism and Business Chartering as well.

A Message From Founder - Mr. Kalyan Chowdhury

‘An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest' once quoted by 'Benjamin Franklin' resounds in my mind always was the first words shared by 'Mr. Kalyan Chowdhury' while sharing the message quoted below. 'VTOL AVIATION INDIA' was formed primarily to encourage scientific research in India especially in the Indian aviation sector. The objective behind the ‘Industry - Academia Collaboration’ with IIT - Kanpur was to leverage advanced breakthrough innovations and developments in the field of VTOL technologies in India and at the same time motivate students to pursue scientific research. Such efforts would surely make a major difference to our Nation’s Self Reliance vision. Instead of getting technology and advanced products related to aviation from Foreign Countries, we wish to develop indigenous technology under "Make in India" initiative.