VTOL Aviation India Pvt. Ltd.

Under Industry-Academia Collaboration With

Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur)



AKSHAYAAN Autopilot System is a complete indigenous Autopilot solution. The Software, Hardware system is designed incorporating the certification standards.

The Autopilot is designed to autonomously fly Aircrafts ranging from micro-UAVs to heavy weight class of UAVs. The same Autopilot system is in modifications and in development for the Manned Air-Taxis.

Overview of Features-

Triple mode Autopilot Capable of flying versatile class of vehicles-

  • Triple mode Autopilot
  • Multirotor Vehicles
  • Fixed Wing Vehicles
  • Hybrid Vehicles

Software Algorithms developed, with the focus on making the system a Complete Solution for Surveillance, Mapping and Advanced Payload Deliveries-

  • HILS and SILS Bench
  • Autonomous Way Point Tracking Guidance mode
  • Collision Avoidance Mode
  • Precision Landing
  • Tracking/Identification of Objects
  • Adaptive Payload Delivery Mode
  • Live Video feed (Uses SATCOM to enhance the Range)
  • Advanced Utility Modes- Return to Launch Mode, Fail Safe Modes, Fault Tolerant Modes.

Hardware Designed and incorporated focusing on the extreme operating conditions-

  • Dual Redundant Hardware design (Dual redundant OBC, INS/GNSS)
  • Payload System (Incorporates tools/sensors - Optical Camera, 3D LIDAR, Rangefinder, Delivery box, tethering system)