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Under Industry-Academia Collaboration With

Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur)



AKSHAT_HNX75 is a Hybrid Fixed Wing Multi Rotor Precision Stores Delivery UAS. It has been designed to carry out War Fighting Stores Carriage and Operations in High Altitude Areas as high as 20000 ft. It is designed with Hybrid Powerplant and is Aerodynamic Hybrid Unmanned Aircraft System.

The powerplant comprises a combination of battery and Fuel Engine as the Energy Source. This combination utilizes the simplicity and agility of electric power and the high energy of Hydrocarbon fuel. The optimized mix of Fixed Wing and Multi Rotor system eliminates the need of runway, enables it to fly longer and faster, and adds to the higher redundancy.

The Aircraft has an integrated ‘SKYCRANE’ Delivery System with digitally controlled winch mechanism. Enhanced atomation enables operation with very little workforce. Higher ground speeds ensure timely precision strategic payload/cargo delivery and better wind resistance. Besides War Fighting, Strategic Stores & Equipment Delivery, AKSHAT_HNX75 can perform other missions such as Aerial Surveillance with HD video transmission with very low latency, Tactical Air-Support, Target Acquisition and Designation etc.

EO/IR Gyro - Stabilized Camera System:

  • EO and IR Imaging and Recording.
  • Gimbal Stabilized.
  • 720p to 1080p HD Resolution.
  • Live Video feed greater than 20 Kms (customizable for higher range).
  • MIL-STDs grade Payload Delivery System.
  • 360 Degree Range.
  • RVT (Remove Video Terminal) Capability.
  • Laser Range Finder for accurate target location acquisition.


  • Geo- Pointing.
  • Target Tracking.
  • Gyro Stabilization.
  • Sensor Fusion.
  • Integrated Video Recording and Streaming.
  • Dynamic Mission Planner.

Airborne Laser Scanning System (Optional):

  • Measurement range of about 1.9 Km.
  • 75° FOV.
  • 2cm accuracy.
  • 32 Laser.
  • 200 m range with compact form factor.
  • 6 lakh points per second (Single Return Mode).
  • 12 lakh points per second (Dual Return Mode).
  • Vertical Resolution of 0.33°.
  • Angular Resolution (Horizontal, Azimuth): 0.1 – 0.4°.
  • Class 1 eye safe.
  • Wavelength: 903 nm.
  • Accuracy ~3 cm.
  • Rotation rate: 5 – 20 Hz.

Provision to Carry: