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Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur)



This UAS300 has been named as AKSHANSH_HPR300, which is the STOL version in this class with multiple propulsion systems. This UAS300 is basically a Military delivery drone, which is designed to deliver around 100Kg of payload and operate at 5500m altitude with STOL capability Autonomously. It also has visual based feedback system and surveillance capability.

With this system 100Kg cargo / payload can be carried and delivered precisely at the required place as the system can directly hover above the desired place. The load can be carried inside a cargo bay or attached externally or in the form of sling load. This UAV can be used in SWARM configuration, where multiple UAV's can be put into service simultaneously to facilitate large cargo delivery and payload drop. It has two options of Power plant, one is All Electric & other is Hybrid with Gasoline Engine.