VTOL Aviation India Pvt. Ltd.

Under Industry-Academia Collaboration With

indian institute of technology (kanpur)

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‘VTOL AVIATION INDIA’S products would have the most advanced technologies and the most desirable features any aviation sector related product would aim to have.

  • 100% Green Product

  • Fully Autonomous Envelope Protection System

  • Intelligent Power Management Systems

  • In Flight Destination Updation Capability

  • Advanced Aerodynamics & Long Endurance

  • More Power Reserves

  • Light-Weight, Carbon Fiber Fuselage

  • Sensor Fusion For High Risk Flight Segments

  • Night Landing Capabilities

  • Short Runway required for SOLAR UAV

  • No Runway requirement for VTOL UAV & AIR TAXI

  • Additional Features of RPAS

  • Low IR & Radar Signature

  • All Weather Aircrafts

  • Low Altitude & High Altitude Aircrafts Available

  • Solar, Battery & Electrical Power Combinations Available

  • Electrical Propulsion

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Shorter total trip times, More Than 2000 km Flying Capability

  • Significant savings for dual owners of jets and helicopters

  • Advanced safety features such as autopilot and computerized controls for takeoff and landing

  • 4D Flight Management Systems (Auto Generated Route)

  • Redundant System Monitors


  • Fully Autonomous & RPAS Options

  • Long Endurance 18 to 72 Hours

  • Fully Solar Powered & Hybrid Engine

  • Light-Weight & Configurable payload from 4 to 20 Kg

  • Short Take-Off Distance less than 100m Runway

  • Service Ceiling 8 km to 10 km

  • Cruise Speed Maximum 100 Km/Hr

  • Advanced Aerodynamics For Higher Power Efficiency

  • Live Video & Image Streaming With Control Room

  • Optimized Extraction of Maximum Solar Power

  • Intelligent Power Management Systems

  • Night Landing Capabilities

  • Additional back up of Hybrid Engine available

  • Anti-Collision Light Systems

  • 100% Green Product, Zero Carbon Emission

  • Green Product

  • Autonomous

  • Electrical & Hybrid Power Options

  • Smooth Transition

  • Fast Cruise speed of 450-500kms/hr

  • Economical Mode of Transportation

  • Advanced Aerodynamics & Long Endurance

  • Unparalleled travel flexibility

  • Contra-Landing Properties (Ground, Water, Snow, Helipad, Runway)

  • No Airport Necessary

  • Highest Safety Features