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All the ‘VTOL AVIATION INDIA’ products are very dynamic products and have multiple usages. Primarily VTOL UAV’s are designed for defence sector. The various organizations under Ministry of Defence, such as Army, Navy, Air force, and other defence forces can be greatly benefitted through our products in respective performance of their responsibilities in the context of the defence of the country by each organization.

VTOL Capabilities: Water, Ground, Rooftop, Snow/Ice, Helipad and Runway. The operational leverages are there due to provision of Autonomous, Unmanned (UAV), Remotely Piloted & Manned Technology. The VTOL products cater to all these operation modes. Additional capabilities involve, defence weapon release systems. Military weapon systems can be configured as per directives from the respective defence organization specific to their operations. We can also undertake express parcel deliveries, by public bodies, government officials or the armed forces.


India with its large population struggles a lot during the times of emergency, medical attention and cases of critical medical attention. As general public at large is so widely spread from rural to urban location, the cities and metro cities, there are many location which don't have direct access to medical facilities and struggle to reach to nearest hospital for immediate attention, here we will bridge the gap with our aircrafts equipped for paramedic usage till the patient is flown to the nearest hospital.

As these aircrafts are high speed aircraft, time duration of travel is largely reduced and patient can be treated within due time. Also in emergency services such as any epidemic, or war times, natural calamity such as floods, immediate medical and emergency aids can be transported and delivered to such locations. Vital organs and other medical transportation can be targeted to avoid unwanted delay.


VTOL AIR TAXI-ABHIYAAN is a new age VTOL aircraft specifically designed to render its services as the most economical and fastest mode of transportation. The advantages are shorter trips, comfortable, pollution free journey, No congestion compared to other mode of road transportation, cost effective travel mode. greater access to remote location as well where today’s transportation modes cannot reach giving greater access to all to travel anywhere without restrictions of accessibility due to different terrains.


This advanced engineered air-taxi’s, have the capabilities to land on any space, open ground, rooftop, helipad, snow/ice, runway or no runway, and the best feature is that it can land on water and take off as well just like a seaplane. This aircraft would have numerous genre's to explore, it's not only designed to cater to just defence sector, paramedic usage, commercial transport but also it has great utility to be used otherwise as a yacht or seaplane which can connect remote Islands as well, as the design is so unique. This aircraft can also be used for promoting tourism, adventure sports and lots more. These aircrafts comes with easy maintenance and are greatly affordable with enhanced comfort than the regular mode of transportation.


Business Jets brings the best of commercial aviation into the realm of private air travel, offering customers a wide range of products that can be uniquely customized for the private, business or governmental sectors. The robust characteristics of these aircrafts also provide an excellent value proposition when outfitted for the private market; offering larger, more personalized space, unmatched reliability and worldwide support.

Latest in business class comfort, travel comfortably with adequate space and payload for overnight bags. No long queues at the airports or the hassle to maintain own private jet or fleet, we are there to render such customized door to door service. Shorter travel distance, time saving journeys, more time for business meets.


The Aviation sector In India has long awaited advanced new aircrafts for imparting training to students and professionals as well. In the present times there is a dearth of such aircrafts, the aircrafts used for training a quiet old and conventional technology aircrafts. Here we wish to render our newly developed technically advanced aircrafts and prototypes for training purposes.