VTOL Aviation India Pvt. Ltd.

Under Industry-Academia Collaboration With

indian institute of technology (kanpur)

our usp



'VTOL Aviation India' has targeted to produce the below categories of aircrafts as per their Milestones -

  • Category 1: Hybrid ‘VTOL UAV’s’ (Multiple Payloads)

    • Usage range could be surveillance, strike, border patrolling, and dropping light weight cargo, medical aid, emergency stores drop during war times etc.
  • Payload Categories

    • 10-20 Kgs
    • 30-50 Kgs
    • 100-200 Kgs
    • Customised Payloads
  • Category 2: Hybrid Air Taxi

    • Govt & Defence Services,
    • Civil Aviation.
  • Payload Categories

    • 2 Seater
    • 4 Seater
    • 6 Seater
    • 8 Seater

Category 3: Technologies for UAV usage specific

  • Enemy UAV/Drone Detection Technology,
  • Signal Jamming of Enemy Drones or UAV,
  • Live Streaming of UAV Feeds to GCS,
  • Geo Mapping Technology for Aerial Survey, Forest Survey etc,
  • Stealth Technology for UAV's for protection during War Times/counter strike.

Some of the Primary Features of the proposed products are listed below:

  • Negligible Carbon Emission Foot Print

  • Fully Autonomous Envelope Protection System

  • Intelligent Power Management Systems

  • In Flight Destination Updation Capability

  • Advanced Aerodynamics & Long Endurance

  • More Power Reserves

  • Light-Weight, Carbon Fiber Fuselage

  • Dynamic Mission and Navigation System

  • Night Landing Capabilities

  • No Runway requirement for VTOL UAV & AIR TAXI Additional Features of RPAS

  • Encrypted communication link system available

  • Solar, Battery & Electrical Power Combinations Available

  • Electrical Propulsion

  • Easy Maintenance & All Weather Aircrafts

  • Anti-Collision System Available

  • Live Video Streaming of UAV Feeds to GCS,

  • 4D Flight Management Systems (Auto Generated Route)

  • Redundant System Monitors

  • Low IR & Radar Signature

  • Advanced safety features of emergency landing and
    parachute option available