VTOL Aviation India Pvt. Ltd.

Under Industry-Academia Collaboration With

indian institute of technology (kanpur)


About Us


We would like to take the privilege to introduce our Company ‘VTOL AVIATION INDIA PVT. LTD'. It's a company formed to promote advanced technology products under the 'Make In India' initiative. We are deeply committed to make a breakthrough in the 'Indian Aviation Sector' through our new ventures. The technologies conceptualized by 'VTOL AVIATION INDIA PVT. LTD'. are being developed under 'Industry-Academia Collaboration' with India's premier Institute 'Indian Institute Of Technology-Kanpur', which is well recognized all over the world for its remarkable legacy and huge contribution to all the prominent developing sectors in India.

VTOL Aviation India Pvt. Ltd.

how it all began:

'VTOL Aviation India Pvt. Ltd'. has been founded by 'Mr Kalyan Chowdhury' who has been a pioneer in the Shipping and Logistics Industry. He started this venture with the ideology driven around the vision to make a breakthrough in the conventional aviation sector and give India its first 100 % ‘Make In India’ technology. These new technologies developed would be multifaceted technologies, encompassing all the advancements in the engineering and technology fields pertaining to aviation sector. The aim is to incorporate advanced features to ensure highest benchmark in aviation safety in all of our products and technologies lead to the birth of our upcoming products under ‘VTOL Aviation India’.

Indian Aviation sector has long sought to perfect advanced flight for airplanes. None explored so far, we have undertaken to develop technologies, which have never been tried in India, but 'VTOL Aviation India' will be able to leverage modern advances in technology (engines, materials, avionics, and design systems) to launch advanced UAV's, and Air Taxi's under 'VTOL Aviation India' successfully in India, abroad and widely accessible to all across the globe. Our aim is to reshape the future of flight with the ultimate breakthrough in aviation sector. Our products will render advanced products in sectors such as Civil Defence, Paramedics, Emergency Services, Surveillance, Aviation Training, Tourism and Business Chartering as well.

Our Vision:

We are aiming to capitalize the potential under ‘Make In India’ and come up with a unique advanced green product with zero carbon emission. We aim to bring an absolutely new technology in India, develop and enhance this technology under Make In India Initiative. Our vision revolves around transforming flight for the Civil Defence, Paramedics, Emergency Services, Surveillance, Aviation Training, Tourism and Business Chartering sectors. This is ultimately bringing a family of vertical take-off airplanes to Indian Aerospace with highest safety oriented features. Our main goal is to define a transition aircraft concept with better performance in safety, noise, speed, range and payload than existing concepts, while cutting complexity to one third and reducing the emissions to absolutely negligible fractions. The New technology is the advanced solar powered UAV, contra landing e-VTOL concept, it’s a very new innovative and brilliant aircraft/jet concept, which is not yet explored in India. This is an advanced version of the conventional VTOL concept, so need of airports and huge land space, is directly eliminated which is already scarce in India. The most unique feature with our project is that is taking care of the safety concern largely.

Our Mission:

VTOL AVIATION INDIA's mission is to bring our youth of this Nation to make ground breaking breakthrough in the aviation sector. This mission is what drives the company's commitment to safety innovation. Our aircraft’s safety features gives everyone the peace of mind to explore the world safely without a fraction of fear regarding everyone’s safety at large. With its extended Technology, Innovations, ideas and concepts, 'VTOL AVIATION INDIA' would be based on a platform of multiple genre problem solving to meet the evolving needs of the Civil Defence, Paramedics, Emergency Services, Surveillance, Aviation Training, Tourism and modern travellers, and anyone who aspires to explore the world through the skies and promises to change flight and personal freedom and mobility by air travel forever.

Our milestones:

  • 2016

    • Ideation Phase: Finalization of VTOL ConceptBased Sketch
    • Scientific Research on VTOL Aviation Technology
  • 2017

    • Signing of MOU with Indian Institute Of Technology-Kanpur
    • Successful Testing & Launch of Solar UAV- 'AYAAN' at IITK
  • 2018

    • Participation in Army Exhibition at New Delhi
    • Participation in ‘Govt of India’ run ‘Defence Programs’(Defence Corridor)
    • Displays of 'VTOL UAV'- 'AAVEG' Prototypes at Air-Shows Worldwide
  • 2019

    • Production of VTOL UAV'S - 'AAVEG'
    • Testing of VTOL Air Taxi - ABHIYAAN and Prototype Launch
  • 2020

    • Production of VTOL Air Taxi-'ABHIYAAN'
    • Launch of VTOL Air Taxi-'ABHIYAAN'
  • 2021

    • Availability of VTOL Air Taxi-'ABHIYAAN'
    • Display at Air Shows - Worldwide